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Local knowledge, 
shared by passionate practitioners

Food Citizen brings experienced practitioners to the table. We draw upon the passion, knowledge, original ideas, and experience of these practitioners which they have garnered from their years of walking a life path that is aligned with their values, to help others take steps in exploring and practice living a life that is healthy and regenerative for Earth, people, and the self.

We find their life work inspirational and would like to create opportunities for people to learn from their knowledge, experience, and passion. Food Citizen curates programs, workshops, experiences, talks, and conversations that are delivered by the practitioners.

Our Current Guides


Explores what it means to live lightly through food, community-based action, and grounded living. Read more


Grows food and habitat for humans and wildlife alike. Read more



Transforms 'hidden' urban green spaces into biodiverse edible gardens

Oi Lian

Advocates giving food waste new life through composting, enzyme making, and food art

Geok Kuan

Advocates using local plants for food and everything else. Read more


"Go Green" enthusiast who finds joy in connecting with people and surroundings.