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Food Citizen - Eco Enzyme on pot.jpg

Local knowledge, 
shared by passionate practitioners

Food Citizen is a small team of co-creators. Designing and delivering programs with us are individuals from Singapore and beyond.


Food Citizen guides are your everyday people who explore and practice different ways to care for Earth, fellow humans, and self. We are excited to share our experience and practice with you.


Journey with us in becoming Good Food All-rounders who appreciate food matters and make intentional shifts into regenerative living.

Our Current Guides

Compost Maker who explores a sustainable life through the lens of food and grounded living

Permaculturist who wants to grow food and habitat for humans and wildlife alike



Natural farmer who transforms 'hidden' spaces into biodiverse edible garens

Oi Lian

Advocate on giving food waste new life through composting, enzyme making, and food art.

Advocate on using local plants for food and everything else