A purpose-driven social venture


Food Citizen was registered in May 2019.


This came shortly after government agencies, schools, and businesses wrote to a informal volunteer network asking for fair-fee programsA common request - the organisations wanted customised programs that help them understand about Singapore's food landscape, and what they could do to be part of the global and local sustainability movement.

A small group of volunteers in the informal network was exploring ways to work together and bring local knowledge to schools and interested organisations. Concurrently, there was agreement to transit the network into an ecosystem comprising of individuals, groups, and ventures.

A school requested for a semester-long program for 10-year old students to learn about food waste and empathy. There was much excitement amongst the group of volunteers on having an actual project to work on. The school approved the proposal but they needed to award it to a company within 7 days. Having informally guided the lead teacher for almost a year, Food Citizen's co-creator, Cuifen, took a leap of faith to register Food Citizen as the first registered entity in the network.



Food Citizen's co-creators come from different backgrounds and are at different life stages. What unites us is a desire to have a deeper appreciation of food sustainability matters, and a commitment to practice what we value in our daily life.


Social & environmental goals


Food is essential to life. What we eat is central to taking action on the world's climate, environmental and social crises. We believe in choosing choices and actions that support a regenerative world.

Food Citizen partner individuals who want to share knowledge, experience and skills in the form of thoughtfully-designed programs that meet the needs of schools, organisations, and communities. We work towards broadening the conversation and understanding of food matters, and enabling people to gain clarity on the next steps of their sustainable journey.


We hope to reach a stage where we can provide 'train the trainer' programs to individuals with low/no income, and invite promising graduates to join Food Citizen as trainers and mentors of programs curated by Food Citizen.

Giving back fund

Food Citizen is purpose-driven entity. We earn an income like other businesses. 10% of the profit* from our programs, workshops and talks is set aside to fund selected social impact projects.

after payments and overheads are accounted for

Financial transparency


Food Citizen was birthed with the intent to help channel community-based knowledge of practitioners to the wider public. We value being transparent in our communication and work.

We faced many learning curves as we learnt what it takes to transition from exchanging knowledge on a community/volunteer basis, to being paid in recognition of expertise and time, running a business, and exploring livelihoods.


Food Citizen made a loss in financial year 2021. We would like to acknowledge that our focus has been on nurturing a cohesive co-creator team, while forming partnerships with like-minded practitioners. We are grateful for the opportunities and the meaningful connections we made along the way.

Attached is Food Citizen's financial statement for year 2021.