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Food Citizen's co-creators come from different backgrounds and are at different life stages. What unites us is a desire to have a deeper appreciation of sustainability matters, and a commitment to practice what we value in our daily life.


Our Back Story

Food Citizen emerged from an informal network of people who were exploring what it means to eat and live well, especially in the context of a urban dweller in Singapore. Over time, government agencies, schools, and individuals started reaching out to ask for programs where they can pay to learn from emerging ground-up knowledge. At the same time, a few individuals in this same network started wondering if there could be a deeper impact made if they worked more closely together. There was also a shared dream by a few to transit the informal network into an ecosystem with individuals and social ventures.

With these in mind, Cuifen (one of the network's founding members) went to register Food Citizen as a company. While the network was in no hurry to do so, the acceptance of a school for a semester-long program necessitated it. Having informally guided the teacher for close to a year, Cuifen felt it was time to start shifting from talking to action, and testing out new exciting ideas.

At the heart of the network's community-centric work are self-funded projects, which continue to drive the passions and knowledge of practitioners who share their knowledge and experience through Food Citizen's programs and talks.

Social & environmental goals


Food is essential to life. What we eat is central to taking action on the world's climate, environmental and social crises. We believe in choosing choices and actions that support a regenerative world.

Food Citizen invite sustainability practitioners to share their knowledge, experience and skills in the form of thoughtfully-designed programs that meet the needs of schools, offices, and communities. We work towards broadening the conversation and understanding of food matters, and enabling people to gain clarity on the next steps of their sustainable journey. We hope to offer side income opportunities to individuals transitioning to sustainable work options, and individuals who have fallen through the cracks of society.

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