Food Citizen is a purpose-driven social business.


We collaborate with individuals who have taken a path of discovery, advocacy, and practice in understanding the food system that we are a part of and making conscious shifts for more regenerative lifestyles starting with food.


These collaborations emerge as programs, workshops, talks, and more for schools, businesses, and communities.


Food Citizen is part of a larger ecosystem where people and businesses work together to co-create a fair, inclusive, regenerative food system for all.


A part of the net profit is channeled to provide upskilling programs for individuals in less advantaged communities, as well as supporting selected community-based initiatives that shape regenerative neighbourhoods in Singapore.



How we started 

Food Citizen emerged from an informal community network that is shaping into an ecosystem where people and businesses work together to shape a fair, inclusive, and regenerative food system for all. 

In 2019, the network was invited by a teacher to tap on its ground-up experience and customise a 3-month program on food waste & empathy for Primary 4 students (10-year-olds).


At the time of the request, Cuifen (Food Citizen's initiator) had guided the teacher for a year on little-known but precious stories of Singapore's food landscape. She had also given close to 60 talks at schools, universities, and youth leadership camps. Other individuals, schools, businesses, and government agencies also reached out asking for similar guidance, talks, and programs.


At the same time, people in the network expressed interest to work together to bring local knowledge to more people.

Grow Your Own Food workshop

Lessons at a primary school

Buoyed by the school's request, Cuifen took a leap of faith and registered Food Citizen as a business. We are proud to be the first venture in the Foodscape Collective ecosystem. 

Food Citizen is shaping into a platform where individuals from the ecosystem & beyond are invited to co-create programs, workshops, talks, and more.


We focus on shining a light to help people discover the food system we are a part of and offer guidance to shift into practices that regenerate our planet, communities, and self.

Food Citizen aims to sponsor programs to upskill individuals who are less advantaged, and also channel funds to ground-up initiatives that shape regenerative neighbourhoods.


Talks & workshops at Salesforce