The story of Food Citizen

Food Citizen is a business that emerged from community.

We are proud to be the first venture that emerged from the Foodscape Collective ecosystem. 


The Collective was initiated by four friends who were curious about the Singapore food system. Cuifen (one of the co-founders) dedicated time to map and connect with people and organisations across Singapore. She took pride in unearthing people and practices worth sharing, and in particular what the Collective would like to see as in a more sustainable Singapore.

After years of walking the ground, Cuifen started giving talks at schools, universities, and leadership programs to share about people, their stories, and practices. People reached out to collaborate and share emerging knowledge with more people. At the same time, the Collective's probono community-based work led to requests from schools and other organisations for well-designed programs.

Cuifen realised it was time to take the leap in registering an entity that take the Collective's work to the next level.


The people Food Citizen invite to co-create programs are contributors and friends of the Collective. Food Citizen also provides them with a platform to share their stories, and market their products and services.

We aim to make this a viable business, one that allows Food Citizen team to continue to do the probono community work which we love.

At Food Citizen, we advocate for regenerative practices that improve relationships with nature, space, food, people, and self. We encourage individuals and organisations to explore what a good food all-rounder is, and how we can make this possible in Singapore.

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10 Anson Road, #27-15 International Plaza, Singapore 079903