Our story

Food Citizen is part of an ecosystem that works towards a fair, inclusive, and regenerative food system. 

In 2019, the ecosystem was invited by a teacher to tap on its experience and customise a 3-month program on food waste & empathy for Primary 4 students (10-year-olds).


Before the request, Cuifen (Food Citizen's initiator) guided the teacher for a year on little-known but precious stories of Singapore's food landscape. She had also given close to 60 talks at schools, universities, and youth leadership camps. People, schools, businesses, and government agencies reached out asking for similar talks and programs. Other individuals in the ecosystem expressed interest to collaborate and bring valuable local knowledge to more people.

Lessons at a primary school

Buoyed by the school's request, Cuifen took a leap of faith and registered Food Citizen as a business. We are proud to be the first venture in the Foodscape Collective ecosystem. 

We have gone on to turn ground-up knowledge into guidance, lessons, talks, workshops, and programs for more schools. 


Food Citizen is shaping into a platform where individuals from the ecosystem & beyond are invited to co-create programs & workshops for interested schools, businesses & communities. We focus on helping people to understand our local food system, and also discover ways to shift into regenerative practices that help us move towards a healthier Earth, people, and self.

We aim to give back by channeling part of Food Citizen's profit to community-based projects, and conduct sponsored workshops for less advantaged individuals.

Talks & workshops at Salesforce

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