A social venture with a purpose

Food Citizen is part of an informal network of people who explore what it means to eat well and live well in Singapore. Over time, government agencies, schools, and individuals became interested in the network's research and actions. Several organizations had begun to contact the network to learn more about Singapore's food landscape and local examples of sustainable actions. A few people in the network wondered if they could combine the knowledge of different individuals to make a greater social impact. The network's core members also agreed to move toward a values-based ecosystem that involves community-based projects and social ventures.

​Cuifen registered Food Citizen as a social venture in this context. A few days earlier, a school accepted a proposal to have a few individuals in the network deliver a semester-long program tailored for their students' learning objectives. Having guided the lead teacher for almost a year, Cuifen felt the time was right to start a social venture and start putting ideas into practice. 

​Food Citizen's workshops complement the network's community-based projects. The Story of Food, Urban Tiny Compost, Bokashi Composting, Living Soil, Nature-Based Gardening, and Zero Waste Kitchen are some of our signature workshops.



Food Citizen's co-creators come from different backgrounds and are at different life stages. What unites us is a desire to have a deeper appreciation of food sustainability matters, and a commitment to practice what we value in our daily life.


Social & environmental goals


Food is essential to life. What we eat is central to taking action on the world's climate, environmental and social crises. We believe in choosing choices and actions that support a regenerative world.

Food Citizen partner individuals who want to share knowledge, experience and skills in the form of thoughtfully-designed programs that meet the needs of schools, organisations, and communities. We work towards broadening the conversation and understanding of food matters, and enabling people to gain clarity on the next steps of their sustainable journey.


We hope to reach a stage where we can provide 'train the trainer' programs to individuals with low/no income, and invite promising graduates to join Food Citizen as trainers and mentors of programs curated by Food Citizen.

Giving back fund

​Since Food Citizen is a social venture, we keep our fees affordable and within reach of schools and organizations that we work with. Food Citizen keeps 10% of proceeds from each workshop curated by us to sustain the venture, with a portion of that going to fund community-based causes. We make sure to pay our facilitators, partners, and volunteers a fair fee. Food Citizen's directors do not profit from dividends.