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For the Earth to be a liveable home for all, Cuifen believes that ordinary people - and their organizations - can consistently choose to take extraordinary actions that shape a future that is environmentally-, socially-, and personally regenerative. While our individual actions may seem small, they can have a ripple effect and create tangible change on a collective scale.

Food is a key theme of her sustainability journey. Through her community-centric initiatives, Cuifen has connected with people across Singapore's food landscape: farmers, gardeners, compost makers, food importers, food retailers, chefs/cooks, soup kitchens, community kitchens, food rescuers, charities, and neglected communities.

Talks by Cuifen:

  • Singapore Food Landscape

  • Wasted Food

  • Compost in the City

  • Life Lessons from Nature-based Gardening

  • Finding Awe in Everyday Spaces

Workshops by Cuifen:

  • Community composting

  • Aerobic hot composting

  • Composting with Intention

  • Intentional Living - Quiet Walks

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