Formerly an environmental scientist, Cuifen is a climate action advocate, map maker, speaker, life coach, and aspiring place maker. She loves to invite people to join her in uncovering 'hidden gems' in natural and urban environments.


The theme of food provided her with a lens to kick-start her conscious and sustainability journeys. From a single decision to make conscious decisions at mealtimes, Cuifen went on to start food sustainability-related initiatives and connect with people from across the Singapore food landscape. 

When Cuifen's health suffered after taking on too many responsibilities, she found the courage to leave full-time employment to make time and space to navigate life unknowns. There have been difficult and wonderful moments as she took tentative steps to explore a different path.


Cuifen wants to help shape the future by nurturing movements that shift how we live our lives today. She started Food Citizen as a social venture with a focus on distilling ground-up knowledge and original ideas into impactful programs that shift mindsets.


Cuifen balances this with deliberate nurturing of selected ground-up climate action movements, including community composting and transformation of regenerative and inclusive culture in the neighbourhoods. She is growing her skills as a life coach and is also writing a book.

Her core values are freedom, beauty, detail, meaning, and expression.

With Food Citizen, Cuifen is a Guide and Speaker on:

  • Singapore's food sustainability landscape

  • Community composting

  • Composting, biodiversity & us

  • Turning lawns into gardens for all

  • Food gardens for nature and people

  • Living an aligned life

  • Rediscover awe in ordinary moments

  • Shifting mindsets