Life Coach, Compost Maker, Storytelling of food/nature/place


Cuifen is a passionate speaker and mentor. She enjoys partnering others to guide individuals and communities to discover more about Singapore, the food we eat, and the 'simple' shifts we can take to make the world a better place.

Food is a lens through which Cuifen explores what it means to live a sustainable and meaningful life. She has a dream for Food Citizen - that it becomes a platform where individuals in Singapore and the region share their experience and knowledge by giving educational workshops and talks that help schools and communities take much needed action for a healthier planet.

Outside of Food Citizen, Cuifen focuses on 2 community projects. She partners other compost makers to organise and host Compost Day events as part of Project Black Gold, a project to spread the love of community composting in Singapore neighbourhoods. She helps with documentation and programming for Boon Lay Nature Garden, a project that slowly transforms a neighbourhood park with communal sustainable gardening practices that are relatively new to Singapore. 

At Food Citizen, Cuifen focuses on:

  • Hands-on compost workshops - Guiding individuals on the principles of composting, art/science of making microbially abundant compost using the low-tech aerobic compost pile method, and what we can do to contribute to the composting and regeneration movements in Singapore.

  • Speaking & Teaching engagements - Food systems - Context and Actions for change, Composting as a climate action, Lessons from gardening with Nature, Cuifen's journey with food sustainability. Journey sharing is packed with stories, anecdotes, lessons and information.

  • Slow quiet walks in everyday spaces - An invitation to all who wish to take a pause, go for a facilitated walk, and practice appreciating and feeling connected with what's in the space.