Her work with Food Citizen

Cuifen enjoys interacting with invited individuals in distilling their learnings into programs and talks that support the growth of others who commit to shifting into more sustainable choices that are aligned with their values.

She envisions Food Citizen being able to bring the world of intentional healing, growth, and shift available to people who would not otherwise have access to tools, guidance, and coaching that support them in their healing, growth, and freedom.


Cuifen's public talks included topics such as 'Value of Food Gardens for Nature and People' and 'Composting, Biodiversity, and Us'.


She designs and leads 'Composting As Community' programsShe also designs sessions that allow small groups to practice being present, find the awe in everyday moments, and connect with the space we inhabit.

Personal Background

Cuifen left the employee life in Dec 2018. She needed to find a different way to live as her declining health was something that urgently needed looking into before she could advocate for others to live more sustainably. There have been difficult moments and wonderful moments as she took tentative steps to walk a different path.

Between 2011 and 2018, Cuifen advocated for various causes outside the workplace. She started or co-founded various community-driven initiatives, all of which focused on creating platforms for like-minded individuals to explore new learnings and experiences that shift the individual into more sustainable ways of living.

She was inspired by ground-up examples of collective action where individuals come together to make a difference - with food and sustainability as key themes. Her curiosity and exploratory research into various topics led to insights that are often less heard. Cuifen brought these insights and stories to schools, businesses, and communities through talks, maps, and creative works.

In choosing to walk a different path, Cuifen makes time and space for healing and integrates insights from various experiences and learnings. She is drafting a book manuscript that takes the reader from living with undiagnosed trauma and unvoiced challenging experiences; to healing in a world she'd like to inhabit; and crafting a different path anchored with values, purpose, and meaning.

Cuifen wants to bravely live an examined life that she is thankful for so that she can hold space for others as they too examine what they value and make intentional choices and actions that allow them to live more authentic lives and the freedom to create change in areas they take personal responsibility for.

Cuifen is taking time to grow skills as a coach and public speaker.

Her core values are Freedom, Beauty, Detail, Meaning, and Expression.