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Miriam is the Founder of sustainability living blog Little Green Fingers and
a sustainable art & craft business Miri Creations.

Miriam grew up in Hong Kong. She spent 16 years living in Shanghai, China and worked in the areas of management consulting, business development and marketing. After moving back to Singapore with her family, she found new interests in gardening, composting, and upcycling “trash to treasure".

Miriam is passionate about sharing ideas and tips with other urban dwellers and home-makers on ways to live sustainably. She regularly writes articles to share ways on making eco-conscious daily consumption decisions – from cooking, cleaning, personal care, shopping, composting and more. She believes that no change is too small, and every little act matters!

Miriam is a person of many talents. She is a performer (singer, pianist, guitarist), an avid baker certified in Fondant cake decoration, an enthusiast in craft and DIY, a home compost maker, and an urban food gardener.


Miriam is a homemaker and mother of two. She enjoys connecting with people and trying new things. She often says, “As long as you live, keep learning how to live.” She believes that there are many interesting things in this world to explore, and the act of discovery makes life meaningful and fun. Miriam makes time to learn new things in different areas - music-making and jazz guitar, crafting, permaculture and gardening, cooking and baking. Miriam is excited to share her learning journey with more new friends.


With Food Citizen, Miriam is a Guide and Speaker for:

  • Sustainable living and home-making

  • Urban home composting

  • Bokashi fermentation and composting method

  • Culinary herbs gardening

  • Cooking and baking with herbs

  • Repurposing and upcycling reusable materials from “trash to treasure”

  • Connecting with and educating young children on sustainability

  • Connecting with home-makers and stay-at-home moms on defining our learning journey and meaningful roles in life

  • Connecting with senior citizens to enable social inclusion and conscious living

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