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We provide workshops, talks, learning journeys, and CSR volunteering opportunities.

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Workshops & Talks

Ever wondered how the food you eat came to be on your plate? Or how we can make different choices in a world with climate, biodiversity, food and mental health crises? What does the word 'sustainability' mean to you?

Our seasoned practitioners come to your workplace to share with you ground-up insights and tips by so that your team can connect the dots and make informed choices and actions.

Workshops can be anything between 45 min and 2 hours, or conducted over multiple days. Talks may have punchier content, and may or may not include a demo.

Examples of topics:

  • Insights into Singapore's food sustainability landscape

  • For a thriving future: People who choose to stand out

  • Connections between soil, biodiversity and us

  • Composting: moving away from a waste management mindset

  • Aerobic composting

  • Bokashi composting

  • Nature-based gardening

  • Edibles in our streets and gardens

  • Fermented food

  • Zero waste kitchens

  • Food waste conundrum

  • Using food scrap to make craft

  • Regenerating the city

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