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Our busy weekend!

Earlier this month, Food Citizens busied with preparing for two compost workshops that were conducted on the same weekend. The workshops were organised separately by NUS Save, and Yuhua Green Day. At the Yuhua Green Day event, we had an outreach booth as well!

We were pleasantly surprised to see such a wide range of ages attending the workshop at NUS. The participants were university students, academics, seniors, and young children. Everyone enthusiastically worked with the food scraps we brought from a hotel, as well as the wood shavings we brought from woodwork companies. The participants had such good questions that 2.5 hours flew by!

Cuifen and Sarah were exhausted after the event, but happy to be able to support one another for the next day's activities.


The workshop at Yuhua Green Day was more concise. The event's location happened to be the location where Cuifen collects food scraps weekly for community composting. We almost didn't have enough food scraps for the hands-on as Cuifen's usual go-to market stall happened to throw out their vegetable scraps before we arrived! Thankfully, another stall was happy to gift 2 buckets worth of vegetable roots.

What people said

Said a workshop participant, "It is very meaningful! I had always have a lot misconceptions about food compost. I had never heard about (the) professional (way of) food composting or never really think of the science behind it!"

Another said, "The workshop was short; where can I sign up for more?"

Another participant emailed to update us on the progress of her container compost, and ask more questions that came up. It was good to know that she is applying new learnings, and to exchange lunar new year greetings!

A booth visitor told us, "Thank you for the good work! Keep doing more. Singapore is behind other countries (when it comes to sustainability); it's so good to see all these new activities and events coming up."


Keen to invite Food Citizen to your school, office, or community event? Email us at

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