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We started a writing project!

Food Citizens Chingwei, Miriam and Cuifen have many food sustainability topics that we wanted to discuss and write about. We often felt that there was so much we wanted to say, and often times, it was difficult to translate these same thoughts into writing. So while we always wanted to start a blog, we found it challenging to start or sustain one.

Cuifen started writing on She so loved the experience that she thought of inviting like-minded friends to write, and have their writings published on a common Medium publication. The excitement of people she talked to led to Food Citizen's first Medium publication. More precisely, this is a publication that Food Citizen helped to create and sponsor. Cuifen is the publication's curator. The articles are lightly edited and offer first-hand perspectives of individual writers.

The Medium publication's name and focus only came up after some initial discussions with invited writers. We wanted to write as ordinary people who choose to make regenerative choices and actions in our life, and have much to share as we navigate our way through life's experiences.

Regenerative Spiral is a 1-year writing project (Earth Day 2022 to Earth Day 2023) where we make time to write about topics that matter. Writers generally live in Singapore or the surrounding region.

When you read the articles, you hear how the writer perceive the world - in their own words, perspectives and ideas. Each person writes about how they explore ways or take action to shape a world that regenerates Earth, people, and/or self. The articles share a common theme - transformation.

Check it out here: Regenerative Spiral


If you like to join Regenerative Spiral as a writer, email Food Citizen with a self introduction and some ideas of what you would like to contribute. Food Citizen's email is

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