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Quiet walks in everyday spaces

Going on a walk can help us take a break from the stress of daily life. When we slow down and explore a place, and have the time to watch the interplay of light and shadow and listen to the sound of birds, a sense of peace and curiosity can come up.

Join Cuifen on small group walks to discover everyday urban spaces. This is her way of introducing individuals to a simple mindful practice that can be applied anywhere, anytime.

What to expect

The walks are slow and quiet. Practice being with the space you are physically in, and notice the beauty of life and imperfection that exist. There are segments of the walk where you explore a pre-defined space on your own, and there are segments where we come back together to exchange our reflections.  We start and end the walk as a group.

Occasionally, the walk include other self care elements including writing, creative art with natural ink, sound bath, and free form body movement.

Who is this for?

  • People who want to slow down

  • People who want to create pockets of ‘me time’

  • People who feel disconnected from yourself, and the spaces you live and work in

  • People who want to deepen their personal connection with their neighbourhood

Where are these walks?

The walks are in everyday spaces. They are along planned routes that involves walking in parks, park connectors, and public spaces of residential estates. The meeting location is at a location easily accessible by public transport. The walks are generally on paved footpaths that are flat or with gentle slope.

When are these walks?

These walks are generally held in the mornings (e.g. 9.30am to 11am) or late afternoons (e.g. 5pm to 6.30pm). The walks are preferably held during off-peak hours. Public walks will be scheduled up to four times a month, and private walks can be arranged.

I’m interested! How do I sign up?

Subscribe to our newsletter or email us at! Cuifen will be in touch.

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