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Tiny Urban Compost

Program Creator: Chen Chingwei


You will learn:

  • How to prep food scraps and carbon materials.

  • How to structure and layer a compost for effective cooking heat (yes we are making hot compost)

  • How to read and understand all the good and not-so-good signs, and what to do.

  • How to measure a compost’s temperature and understand what the temperature ranges actually mean.

  • What to monitor during the cooking and maturing phases, and when to harvest.

The back story

It all started when Urban Jungle Folks told Food Citizen they were fed up with having to rely on commercial soil blends for their edible garden in Dempsey, but were clueless about making compost to build regenerative soil. How ah?😬

So we decided to go on an urban composting journey together, right here in Dempsey. We will be rescuing food scraps, hoarding dried leaves and grass, and using them to cultivate beneficial soil microbes.

We thought it would be great to open up some spots to anyone who is interested and ready to learn aerobic bioactive composting.


Meet Your Guide

Chingwei is a soil and compost nerd who has set up compost sites in various locations around Singapore and taught communities how to make compost successfully. She has been making compost in urban and rural settings for 10 years. Chingwei is the co-lead of Project Black Gold, a community-based project that test-beds community food scrap composting at 3 neighbourhoods.

$130/pax for a 4-session package 

Start date: Saturday 10 April 2021

Milestone sessions: 10 April, 17 April, 24 April, Compost harvest day to confirm

Time: 4-5pm

Venue: Hidden garden in Dempsey; exact location will be emailed to the confirmed participant 


You can also choose to attend all or some of the other 5 sessions. We welcome you to journey all the way with us!

What is covered in the milestone sessions

  • Make aerobic bioactive compost using food scraps and garden prunings

  • Learn how to structure & layer your compost pile so that it fits into any garden space, and is still effective

  • Hands-on and interactive

  • Receive digital info cards so that you can make compost successfully in your own garden

When you pay for all 4 sessions (3 compost making, and 1 harvesting), you get to access the entire 9-session in-person mentoring journey.

If you have questions, email us at!

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