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Soil will save us from the climate crisis as well as the food and nutrition crises, but we need to save it first.

Natural Farmer, Tang Hung Bun


Going Beyond NPK

Living Soil for Food, Health & Climate


Your Guide: Tang Hung Bun

Inject new life into soil

Learn why regenerating soil matters even in urban areas and how to do it.

Ready to take care of soil, while having healthy plants, nutritious food, and being part of climate action? Join us for 2 inspirational and actionable learning sessions with Tang Hung Bun.

The Living Soil Workshop

23rd June WED, 4 pm to 5.30 pm

★ Gain clarity on what healthy soil is

★ Learn the role that living soil has with healthy plants, nutritious food, and keeping carbon underground

★ Learn how to keep soil healthy and enhance soil carbon sequestration 

The Natural Gardening Workshop

30th June WED, 4 pm to 5.30 pm

★ Hear about real examples in Singapore

★ Learn how to implement natural gardening principles and practice in your garden


Meet Your Guide

Tang Hung Bun practices natural farming at under-utilised green spaces in Singapore. He transforms these spaces into biodiverse edible gardens with healthy soil and healthy ecosystems.


Tang believes that regenerative practices are key to increasing the capacity of soil in sequestering carbon, returning organic material to the soil, growing nutritious food, and enhancing biodiversity.

Is this for me?

If you grow plants in soil, whether in containers or in the ground, this is for you! Go beyond NPK - learn and interact with an experienced natural farmer.

If you are becoming aware that soil is climate action, these workshops are for you too!

Each session is 90-min (60-min sharing and 30-min Q&A). The workshop will be conducted over Zoom.

Once you are confirmed to attend the workshop, you are on the list to receive an email with a link to the workshop recording (available online for 48 hours). The email will also include key learnings and a resource list.

★ Investment for one session - $30

★ Investment for two sessions - $55

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