Customised Services

Our services build off your organisation’s values. They are anchored by our Guides' passion, experience, research, original ideas, and real-life examples.


We focus on delivering programs that create lasting change in behaviour. Our programs vary in length from 3-6 months. 


Example of our work includes:

  • Community Composting


Our workshops vary in length from 1.5 hours to weeks. 


Example of our work includes:

  • Composting

  • Growing sprouts

  • Cooking surplus food of our 'hood


Our talks vary in length from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Examples of our talks include:


  • Stories of Singapore food landscape

  • Transform lawns into biodiverse edible gardens

  • Composting, biodiversity, and us

  • Food gardens for nature and people

  • Practices for living a sustainable life that is aligned to your values


Whether you are a person trying to live a sustainable life, or a school looking for programs and talks for your staff and students, or an organisation looking to support the sustainable journeys of your staff, we can help.

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