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Better Brunch

Discover vegan dishes made with local ingredients

Vinisha invites you to a private brunch at her conservation-listed house. Enjoy a 7-dish vegan meal created and prepared by her, and learn how to combine easily available local ingredients to make delicious and nourishing dishes that you can replicate at home.

She will use herbs and greens grown in her garden with fresh produce from the market. Expect interesting conversations on food and food matters, with sharing of cooking tips, techniques and recipes.

Vinisha is of Indian heritage with years spent in Europe and the United States. Her cooking style marries traditional and modern techniques with her own unique perspective gathered from eating and cooking abroad.


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A former pharmaceutical scientist and green entrepreneur, Vinisha designs and prepares her meals with simplicity and sophistication that combines knowledge of nutrition, Indian heritage, and global exposure. She loves hosting people and having friends over. Vinisha believes that the hallmark of a good dining experience is the feeling of being left abundant, complete, and nourished.

We look forward to welcoming you
to this hilltop hideaway  

Spend a few hours in a regenerative and inclusive space, make new connections with food and people.

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