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Food Citizen
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Food Citizen is a social venture born out of initiatives to explore sustainable and conscious choices while living in a city - with a special focus on food matters and deepening the individual's connection with nature, our surroundings, and ourselves.

Our educational programs, workshops and talks are offered for personal development, schools, community engagement, and corporate training. Participants can be students (preschool to university); individuals and organisations on their sustainability journeys; or policy decision-makers.

We also offer teaching consultancy and exploratory research services to academics, in the areas of our experience.

Food Citizen Guides bring a range of experiences to the table. This includes how to regenerate your garden with compost and green manure; insights into the Singapore food landscape; ways to work with local communities; and ways to further our personal growth and social impact as Earth citizens.


Recent workshops:


Living soil and

nature-based gardening



Living compost

Recent live sharing:


3 ways to compost food scraps in your apartment

Compost Exposé, part of Sustainable Singapore Gallery’s National Day program. Watch


Nature-based gardening

Value of Food Gardens for Nature and People, part of a webinar series for Aging Asia community. Watch

Food Citizen - Eco Enzyme on pot_edited.jpg

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