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Food Citizen

turning ground-up knowledge into programs, workshops, talks & more


our vision - be a good food all-rounder

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Food as a doorway to discovering regenerative ways

that allow us to co-create a healthier Earth for nature, people, and self 

Experience and learn from Singapore-based practitioners

Explore the local food system

Discover ways to co-create a regenerative mindset & practice

Food Citizen provides programs, workshops, talks, and events for schools and communities. Outdoor activities are experiential. ​We also provide consultancy.

Food Citizen aims to nurture good food all-rounders - individuals who have a deep appreciation of life, nature, people, and food.


Bringing ground-up knowledge to more people

Food Citizen is part of an informal ecosystem of people and business that work together to co-create a fair, inclusive & regenerative food system.

Food Citizen registered as a business when the ecosystem was asked to tap into its ground-up knowledge and networks to customise a 3-month food waste & empathy program for Primary 4 students (10 year olds).

Since the first request, Food Citizen has gone on to work with more schools. We have also conducted programs, workshops, and talks for businesses and communities.


Food Citizen is shaping into a platform where individuals from the ecosystem & beyond are invited to co-create programs & workshops that bring regenerative skills and knowledge to more schools and communities.

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10 Anson Road, #27-15 International Plaza, 
Singapore 079903