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Food Citizen
Part of the Foodscape Collective ecosystem

Food Citizen is a space to learn with experienced practitioners and one another as we deepen understanding and grow our capacities for creating new paths into regenerative ways of living.

Food Citizen brings experienced practitioners to the table. We draw upon the passion, knowledge, original ideas, and experience of practitioners which they have garnered from their years of walking a life path that is aligned with their values, to help others take steps in practicing living a values-based life that is healthy and regenerative for Earth, people, and the self.

Food, regeneration, and connection are some of the lenses in our exploration and practice.


We focus on bringing these services to interested schools, communities, and individuals who are ready to shift their mindset and practice so that they live a life that is aligned to their personal values and is healthier for Earth, people, and the self.
Our services are grounded by experience, joy, care, and practice.


Some of our recent work:


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