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Food Citizen is a purpose-driven social venture. We design and deliver programs and talks by sustainability practitioners, with food as a doorway for deepening connection and creating change. Through teaching and handholding, we believe that everyone can discover their own path. We also provide consultancy and research for teachers and academics. We are part of a broader social network that offers diverse food sustainability knowledge and experience.  

We focus on:

★ Food in Singapore: context & actions for change
★ Zero waste kitchens
★ Wasted food
★ Nature-based gardening
​★ Bioactive compost
★ Community composting
★ Practices for intentional living


What people say

Mentoring Students - Community Composting

"Oh wow, that was so inspiring! Thanks for sharing this story with us, it definitely helped us understand more on how community composting can really change the choices we make and slowly improve the climate crisis, rather than thinking that there is no hope in the future." - SS, high school student

Teachers' Workshop - Food X Soil

"The workshop (for teachers on food and soil) is fun and informative! Our facilitator shared lots of detailed information that we have never noticed even though we have been seeing it everyday. She is also full of knowledge about soil and compost. She patiently answered all our questions about it." - HY, preschool teacher

Public Workshop - Living Soil

"I have really enjoyed the evenings following both (living soil and nature-based gardening) workshops. I think being in the presence of such much enthusiasm and dedication during the workshop really rubs off, re-energising me in the process." - DT, lecturer

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