Knowledge, skills & courage to take empowered action for Nature and people

Food Citizen is a purpose-driven social venture. We help schools, organisations and communities gain access to practitioners who explore topics where food, sustainability and lifestyle intersect. Some of our most requested workshops include living soil, aerobic composting, nature-based gardening, and circular kitchens. We also provide consultancy and research support to teachers and academics, within areas of our passion and focus.  Food Citizen is part of a broader network that values a fair, inclusive and circular food system for all.

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Who we help

Who we help


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  • Ground-up Action for Healthy Planet and People

  • Food Systems, Access and Waste in Singapore

  • Learning about Life in Nature-based Gardens

  • Community Compost

  • Intentional Composting

  • Being with Imperfection​



  • Permaculture Gardening

  • Aerobic Composting

  • Circular Kitchen

  • Odds-and-Ends Gourmand



  • Culinary Herb Gardening

  • Bokashi Composting

  • Zero Waste Kitchen

  • Focaccia Bread Art

  • Corn Husk Flowers

Shared values

Authentic | Creative | Joy

The knowledge we bring

A regenerative cycle between personal and community-based learning, and distilling

insights, experience, and knowledge to create educational programs for schools, organisations, and communities.

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What people say

Mentoring Students - Community Composting

"Oh wow, that was so inspiring! Thanks for sharing this story with us, it definitely helped us understand more on how community composting can really change the choices we make and slowly improve the climate crisis, rather than thinking that there is no hope in the future." - SS, high school student

Teachers' Workshop - Food X Soil

"The workshop (for teachers on food and soil) is fun and informative! Our facilitator shared lots of detailed information that we have never noticed even though we have been seeing it everyday. She is also full of knowledge about soil and compost. She patiently answered all our questions about it." - HY, preschool teacher

Public Workshop - Living Soil

"I have really enjoyed the evenings following both (living soil and nature-based gardening) workshops. I think being in the presence of such much enthusiasm and dedication during the workshop really rubs off, re-energising me in the process." - DT, lecturer


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Food Citizen sponsors Medium Publication 'Regenerative Spiral'. Regenerative Spiral is a 1-year (Earth Day to Earth Day) writing project where we publish short articles by friends in Singapore and beyond. We celebrate perspectives, experiences, and knowledge of people exploring topics that intersect regeneration, Nature, and being the best version of self. Opinions are authors' own. Here are some highlights!

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