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Food Citizen Pte Ltd is an educational venture founded on the principles of food for nature, people, and self. We offer food sustainability workshops, covering topics such as food scrap composting, ecological gardening, climate-appropriate edibles, and zero waste kitchens. As part of a network that aspires to co-create a fair and inclusive circular future for all, we set aside a part of our profit to forward the work of selected environmental and/or social causes.

What our clients say

Interconnections between Food & Soil

"The workshop (for teachers on food and soil) is fun and informative! Our facilitator shared lots of detailed information that we have never noticed even though we have been seeing it everyday. She is also full of knowledge about soil and compost. She patiently answered all our questions about it." - HY, preschool teacher


Home Composting

"I loved that we were not only guided on the how-to’s, but we were also taught the science behind it which I found both intriguing and informative. The information that’s shared is what most content that I came across lacked, and (the trainer) Cuifen delivered it in such an engaging and digestible way, you’ll just get it. Her perspective on soil health would also help you understand climate issues, nutrition, and nature’s health much more holistically – you’ll see that everything is connected." -- Jocelyn Cai


Community Composting

"Oh wow, that was so inspiring! Thanks for sharing this story with us, it definitely helped us understand more on how community composting can really change the choices we make and slowly improve the climate crisis, rather than thinking that there is no hope in the future." - SS, high school student



Living Soil and Nature-based Gardening

​"I have really enjoyed the evenings following both workshops. I think being in the presence of such much enthusiasm and dedication during the workshop really rubs off, re-energising me in the process." - David Taylor, lecturer

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