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Food Citizen
Part of the Foodscape Collective ecosystem

Be a changemaker for a world

where caring for Earth, society, and self

is a daily and intentional practice.

Food Citizen empowers individuals by helping them gain access to local and regional knowledge on sustainability matters, with the theme of 'food' as a lens. We curate programs, workshops and talks delivered by practitioners with first-hand experience, passion, and a deep love for continuous learning of the topic they teach. We also provide consultancy and research support to teachers and academics, within areas of our passion and focus.


We focus on

supporting the growth of people who want to become more sustainable,

with food as a lens, in all areas we care about -

earth care, self care, society care

with our guide/mentor/coach bringing passion & knowledge in areas that they are good at

with Food Citizen providing a platform where guide/mentor/coach explore alternative livelihoods


Authentic | Creative | Joyful | Purposeful

Live sharing - Check out our recorded sessions:


3 ways to compost food scraps in your apartment

Compost Exposé, part of Sustainable Singapore Gallery’s National Day program. Watch


Nature-based gardening

Value of Food Gardens for Nature and People, part of a webinar series for Aging Asia community. Watch

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