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How might humans, as fellow inhabitants of Earth, recognise what's good and bad in our world, and make conscious choices for the future?

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꩜ Food for Earth, People & Self

Our philosophy:

As we learn about Earth's Circle of Life, we learn to take care of nature, people and ourselves. Our work is guided by permaculture ethics: earth care, people care, and fair share.

Food Citizen is founded on the guiding principles of food for nature, people and self. We focus on empowering individuals to make connections between nature, food and health, by combining global knowledge with local context. Schools, businesses and non-profit organisations are our primary clients. Topics covered in our workshops include food scrap composting, ecological gardening, zero waste kitchens, and acquiring a deeper understanding of the food system to which we belong.

Some of our focus areas:

★ Food, soil, compost & nutrition

★ Regenerative gardens & farms

​★ Bioactive / living compost
★ Community composting

★ Zero waste kitchen

★ Food waste

★ Singapore’s urban food ecosystem

★ Habits for slow, intentional living


What our clients say

Community Composting

"Oh wow, that was so inspiring! Thanks for sharing this story with us, it definitely helped us understand more on how community composting can really change the choices we make and slowly improve the climate crisis, rather than thinking that there is no hope in the future." - SS, high school student

Connections between Food & Soil

"The workshop (for teachers on food and soil) is fun and informative! Our facilitator shared lots of detailed information that we have never noticed even though we have been seeing it everyday. She is also full of knowledge about soil and compost. She patiently answered all our questions about it." - HY, preschool teacher

Living Soil and Nature-based Gardening

"I have really enjoyed the evenings following both workshops. I think being in the presence of such much enthusiasm and dedication during the workshop really rubs off, re-energising me in the process." - DT, lecturer

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