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Food Citizen
Part of the Foodscape Collective ecosystem

Food Citizen is a social venture for food sustainability, conscious living, and a regenerative world. We believe that as global citizens, every individual can make empowered choices to shift into a mindset and practice that are healthy and kind for all life on Earth.


We curate customised programmes, workshops, and talks on a range of topics including nature-based gardening and composting; deepening our knowledge on food matters; community engagement; and furthering our personal growth.


We are part of a larger ecosystem of individuals, social groups, and social ventures that strive to co-create a fair, inclusive, and circular food system for everyone.


Recent workshops:


Living soil and

nature-based gardening



Living compost

Recent live sharing:


3 ways to compost food scraps in your apartment

Compost Exposé, part of Sustainable Singapore Gallery’s National Day program. Watch

Nature-based gardening

Value of Food Gardens for Nature and People, part of a webinar series for Aging Asia community. Watch

Food Citizen - Eco Enzyme on pot_edited.jpg

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